TEDxGaziUniversity Event was Organized at Our University
6 November 2022 | 10:11

TEDxGaziUniversity Event was Organized at Our University. The event was organized at the Rectorate Mimar Kemaleddin Hall under the theme of "the neXt". In the event, professionals in their fields made presentations about the future of university students.

The all-day event was organized in 4 sessions. In the first session of the event, the following presentations were made. Oğuz Aslan, on “What Happened to the Children who were Growing Up on the Streets and the Games Played on the Streets? ”, Selcen Altınak “The New Way of Thinking: Design Focused Thinking”, Şahin İpek “The New Shape of Leadership” and Zafer Küçükşabanoğlu “What are the Similarities/Differences Between the Industrial Revolution and the Web Revolution?”

In the second session of the event, the following presentations were made on, “What kind of houses are we going to live in in the future and what is going to this technology bring us? The New Shape of Homes!” by Mehmet Türker,  “Who Will Be on the Ship When the Great Flood Erups Again, the Future Noah's Ark!” by Hakan Yıldız,  “The Effects of Smiling on Our Daily Lives: Lives Designed with Happiness” by Nazan Özünlü and “What are the Effects of Screens on Our Daily Lives? The Next Chapter!"  by Doğan Başaran.

The third session of the event begun with Ergi Şener's presentation about "New Form of Art: NFT!". In this session,  presentations were made by Ömer Faruk Koç " Will the Next Generation Still Be Living in the World? Future World!", Selin Duru "How Long will the Resources be Enough for World?" The Epidemic of the Future: Climate!", Gökhan Yıldız" The New Shape of Mathematics: Block Chain".

The issues evaluated at the last session were, “Shaping Technology in the Light of Natural Life Biomimicry” by  Ahmet Öznur,  “Looking to the Future From Now: The Next Past”  by Begüm Baysal, “How Our Ancestors Nourished, How We are Nourished , How Will Our Children be Nourished?” by  Can Oba and  “What is Being on the Road and Why is it Important for Our Development?” by Mertcan Gül.

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